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Why is an INFRA machine needed?

  • What more can it do than a hot air?
  • First since 2006 June all PCB’s made all over the world must be lead free PCB’s
  • The melting temperature for lead free solder is 225 °C
  • Also if you have a PCB with lead free solder wire and if you try using hot air to repair it the PCB tracks can go bad.
  • So there is no other choice but to use INFRA heating station


This infrared heating element contains the CE marking.
The CE marking indicates conformity with the relevant European safety directive(s).
Please read this notice fully before operating the heating element.

Protect from physical damage and exposure to water or chemically corrosive substances.
The operator is 100% responsible for the operating conditions of this heating element. While the manufacturer gives a warranty of 6  months after date of purchase, interfering with the heating element will negate all guarantees.






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