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XTC 2 Clip

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XTC 2 Clip is a specialized device for servicing HTC phones. XTC 2 Clip allows you to perform unlock, lock, repair IMEI and other procedures on HTC mobile phones. It consists of a main device with a flex cable, having a micro-SD emulator on its end.

XTC 2 Clip - Main Features: 

Unlock SIM lock
Relock phone

Repair CID, including super-CID
Repair IMEI (IMEI2 for dual SIM phones)
Repair MEID (for dual SIM phones)
Change security level (S-ON/S-OFF, allows you to run unsigned code, perform service actions, etc.)
Downgrade / upgrade firmware
Support for legacy phones (gold-card analog)
Many other functions you may need from time to time






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